The Alibaba will train 200 thousand youth in their hometowns engaged in Entrepreneurship

Lei Jun said, rural electricity providers will become a hot spot for investment, they will also invest in. Alibaba has begun to implement the rural electricity supplier promotion plan. From the beginning of last year, the Alibaba began a rural strategy, training 200 thousand rural youth home in entrepreneurship.

2014 in September, the Alibaba officially announced the start of thousands of million village rural strategy, in October of the same year, the Alibaba in Zhejiang Tonglu rural Taobao opened the first Taobao rural service station after a year has covered 27 provinces and more than 6 thousand villages, the development of tens of thousands of Returning Rural Youth to become a partner at Taobao. This year, the more than 6 thousand villages covered by hundreds of thousands of villagers will be the first time to participate in Alibaba’s double eleven Carnival in.

a year covering more than 6000 village

According to Alibaba