A 90 college students entrepreneurial story

In fact, there are a lot of

entrepreneurial path, some people to choose a road, some people and some people rely on money, some people rely on the relationship, but no matter what the business, people often pay attention to are results, see the following 90 is how to create the industry.

in the app store (App  Store), a "mammoth" (Mammoth) browser, now has been updated to the fourth generation, is   iPhone  personal development browser downloads the largest products. International review site   App  Advice  evaluation, "mammoth 4" redefines the standard browser; another review site   Techrice  suggested that Apple should be in   iPhone  preloaded on the browser.

a crazy "programmer"

rimless glasses, T-shirt, jeans, sneakers…… In front of Ji Yichao, is a typical image of the students. He will be a little shy with strangers. But this is the student, and has been programmed to play   10  year to deal with, can be regarded as a "ashes" programmer.