Business also need to take the initiative to serve customers

although many customers do not like the shop owner to follow in their own side, however, this does not mean that the owner does not provide services. Now a lot of the store owner is just the attitude of customers to choose, resulting in customers simply no way to get attention, naturally it is difficult to form a consumer. Therefore, the business needs to take the initiative to serve customers.

once a customer came to the shop and stood in front of the shelves with more than and 10 kinds of toothpaste. I went up to him and asked, "what kind of toothpaste do you use?" He smiled and said: "before the light moved, and now want to change the other use, looking at so many varieties, I really do not know what’s good."

I smiled and said: "why don’t you try two?" Can be used in the morning, in the evening with a, or exchange of use, should be better than only one, after all, the composition and effect of some different, do you say?" He looked at it for a while, and finally took my advice and bought two different kinds of toothpaste.

for customer service, we do not need flattery, can not be arrogant, is the most sincere attitude, often easier to get recognition. In our usual business, perhaps a recommendation from the heart, perhaps a friendly smile, and perhaps a sure look, as long as it is to safeguard the interests of consumers, most people will accept. The busy season, people came back from the ground when shopping, you put in front of a wash basin, to the busy people back provide convenience to some street vendors to provide hot water, perhaps can bring unexpected opportunities.