Shandong guy started life from Chuanchuan Xiang

in the public venture, Chuanchuan Xiang operating threshold is relatively low, helping many entrepreneurs succeed. A guy in Shandong retired after demobilization, opened a "string of incense" in silver, from the start of life.

"80" for most young people, have a stable job, good income may have been very satisfied. But there is a group of young people, they are eager to the new in order to be different, never too observant of conventional standards. new business models, emerge in an endless stream of the times, this group of people with passion, persistence, responsibility, with their story inspired more people. After 80 entrepreneurial story, there is a dream, passion, there are twists and turns, have to play. There is such a pioneering work in Baiyin in Shandong, he called Zhang Jibo, in an interview with reporters, he told reporters: "I said on the road of entrepreneurship has encountered many difficulties, but this is my career, I must overcome difficulties and setbacks."

4 21, the reporter saw Zhang Jibo in the city of Xiyuan district near the South Gate of the "infant shampoo Chuanchuan Xiang", a simple conversation that he is 34 years old this year, from Shandong Qingdao pingdu. More than and 10 years ago, less than 20 years old from Shandong he came to Qingdao in this silver army, army ten years. "I come to Gansu in December 2002, the army to Jingyuan three village, 10 years as a soldier in the army, I have been engaged in the work is, during this period of 2003 and 2004, I am studying in Xi’an and study the logistics and cooking work, because of the years of the catering industry have certain understanding so, I plan to rely on the industry to make a living." Zhang Jibo told reporters, in December 2004, he served in the army after the war, you want to be able to take root in the fertile soil in the northwest, and to make a living on their own "proficiency in a particular line of entrepreneurship".

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