Open milk tea store address selection is very important

In fact,

small business venture to choose tea market, is a very good choice. Quality projects, worry free business. Of course, entrepreneurship is very important for the location of the shop. In particular, choose to open a tea shop belonging to their own, site selection is particularly important!

proper store location has a significant impact on the sales of milk tea stores. Some people even to the location, location, location and to emphasize the importance of location. The specific location of the tea shop decided to determine the quality of tea shops and the number of customers, but also determines the level of sales of milk tea store. The location selection properly, it means to enjoy a favorable geographical advantages. Milk tea shop in the location of this site has strict requirements.

1, traffic points

rush hour, the bus station, train station, MRT station and other traffic points are many people gathered, if able to open tea stores in these places, plus the craft can withstand the test of people every day to meet the hustle and bustle of large crowds will not be poor, business. If your milk tea shop just opened at the station next to it better, people waiting for the car, you may be in the vicinity of your milk tea store consumption. Or in the car, in the vicinity of the bus station to buy, no matter what, in the station set up a milk tea shop, business will generally be very good.

2, market geography


market is generally better people choose to open tea stores, because many housewives habits after buying food, can food market nearby to eat something, drink a cup of tea or juice, or take back to my family to eat breakfast.

3, community residential

is not suitable for every store to open in residential areas, but it is very suitable for tea stores, early in the morning, the students will be able to walk home near the school to go to school, and students are the main consumer now stores milk tea, tea drinks for students is very much. Wait until after the crowds of students, office workers work time and again, the mothers to go out to buy food time.

in residential areas, mostly the same neighborhood, can know the guests, and guests can also establish a good relationship, therefore, tea stores in residential areas, it would be easy to have cooked guests, in this way, fixed source and it is very easy to set up.

4, cultural and educational institutions outside the

busy modern life, often have no time to drink what, the morning rush of the students in the class, if not with water, it will store in the vicinity of the school milk consumption, many open near the school store or food stalls so business is very good.