How to rely on the occasion to shape their own food and beverage brands

catering market competition is so great, there is nothing to win the skills to speak of it? Teach you how to use small convenience to create their own brand. Sun Tzu said: for the potential, not responsible for others. To be good at fighting general through borrowing and rally to win, but not demanding and blame men. The occasion is the best way of war is the best policy of commercial war, brand building, it can be "weak" to "strong", "decadent" for "magic". For example, a straw, garbage is lost on the roadside, and cabbage tied together to sell the price of cabbage, and crabs tied together to sell the price of crabs.

catering brand competition era, the genetic code to

for the occasion, the most successful campaign case being Qingfeng baozi. In 1948 after the first, Qingfeng baozi has fame is not significant, but in the presence of * greatly, Qingfeng buns with Liaoyuanzhishi, has become the most popular choice for dinner now. Another classic case, to rally, "hot one Hot pot", Quan Ren Li Bingbing, the original shareholders of Huang Xiaoming, along with He Jiong, Jing Bairan, Huang Bo shares one hot occasion launched: new people, to open new stores, new products, new folding activities, 6 stars in the micro-blog promotion activities together the amount of fans is 160 million is shizaibide.

in the business competition on the occasion to meet the eye everywhere in ancient case, this is Wang Laoji and borrow arrows with thatched boats, jiaduobao, Mengniu and Yili, Banu and sea fishing Hot pot etc.. Potential: dictionary, power, power, contrarian, occasion, homeopathy, strong potential.

The purpose of

enterprise is to create customers to create potential energy brand, brand potential energy level, determines the development of the brand, if the brand does not have the potential to define the customer, the brand will not have any customer. Several key factors affecting the brand potential: categories, products, capital, brand founder, location, operations, services, etc.. The following 4 strategies to talk through an occasion to shape the brand of wisdom: follow, asset replication, alliance, differentiation and upgrading occasion.

1, to follow the wisdom of

Newton once said, "if I can see farther than others, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants". Followers do not go to the boss or the boss to fight for the throne of the first, because it is tantamount to the egg hit the stone, we have to follow the pace of the boss, so that the boss’s aura at the same time shine in their bodies.

as "the service is not our characteristics, duck and the mushroom soup is", is a kind of follow the opposite strategy occasion, follow the leader of Banu Hot pot duck Hot pot sea fishing, and rally the achievement of their potential in the sea by the potential.

Mengniu hit "win credit for the national industry, to Iraq.