Don’t just brush money with a mobile phone in Chengdu


eat out credit card or cash, this is we have been using the way of consumption, restaurants do not take cash, nor take bank card? Is that true? Reporters learned yesterday from the end of the first 2015 Chengdu wisdom catering development forum, to help Chengdu "delicacy of construction, since March the city started construction of smart dining platform, there are 3 companies to complete the transformation, more than 70 are in the process of transformation, and according to the plan, to the end of the year, the number of the city’s wisdom catering platform pilot the restaurant will be increased to 500 – 1000.

however, data have shown that the overall level of information of the catering industry is still low. According to incomplete statistics, at present, 65% food and beverage companies only stay in the understanding of the information ordering software (even order PO); 85% of the catering enterprises for cloud catering management system, customer relationship management software, based on no marketing assistant system concept based on data members. The use of the point of the catering business system is only 23% of the proportion of the industry, the use of membership management system catering enterprises accounted for less than the proportion of the industry accounted for only about 16%. For the data value and data sharing value of the understanding of catering enterprises accounted for only 11% of the industry.

"Internet plus" food is not simply equal to group purchase, takeaway, although the former to bring consumers the benefits, which brings convenience, but the structure of the catering industry itself has not changed." He said, therefore, to truly through the transformation and upgrading of Internet plus "implementation of the catering industry, the catering business, is to reduce the cost of the recommended by the Internet