Global electricity supplier services to become entrepreneurial leader

in a year of management activities, our business has entered into a period of development. Rely on subsidies for the development of entrepreneurial projects are gradually eliminated by the market, small entrepreneurs who dropped. After a period of survival of the fittest, cross-border electricity supplier business class service projects or will become an international leader.

2015 years of venture capital circles be in full swing, but from the beginning of the second half brewing a change, some venture financing difficult, entrepreneurial force has apparently changed from scale to model. In December 21, 2015, in the "entrepreneurial elite evolution" as the theme of the krypton space project phase fifth graduation ceremony, krypton space co-founder Tian Zhiyong released the "2015 report" phenomenon of krypton space venture project, more than 7 thousand venture project application and 101 depth incubation of nearly a year to complete the scan for the samples".

on 2016 venture capital circles, the report predicts that as capital bubble led to a tightening market, as well as BAT and other listed companies have cut recruitment and so on, the new year will reduce the manpower cost, capital and talent will focus on high-quality start-up companies, the opportunity to show the unicorn.

"does not melt, A round of the most affected, O2O project financing last year is very easy, but this year the majority of investors is a O2O that will not vote." Tian Zhi Yong felt the obvious changes in the capital market and the economic downturn, many investors take a sudden turn for the worse, no money, and because the first half of the investment, the market is still in the digestion.

variable difficulty in money case, the explosive growth of cooling, rational entrepreneurship. The report shows that in 2014, policy and capital with the help of public entrepreneurship showed explosive growth. But with the weakening of the real economy and the collapse of the capital bubble, the second half of the overall valuation of the overall market downturn, the lower the technical threshold of intense competition in the field, new businesses need a strong ability to integrate resources.