China Guangzhou international cold chain Expo 2015

exhibition introduction

cold chain is an important part of modern logistics industry. The innovation and popularization of cold chain technology, the establishment and improvement of cold chain logistics network system are the fundamental measures to reduce the loss of product circulation and ensure the safety and quality of food. Compared with developed countries, there is a big gap between China’s cold chain technology and cold chain logistics service level. Under the impetus of the national policy, all kinds of advanced refrigeration, energy saving, refrigeration and preservation technology, cold storage facilities and equipment, network of cold chain logistics services have great potential for development and market space. In order to promote the innovation and application of cold chain technology and equipment, promoting the cold chain logistics service development, China 2015 Guangzhou International Exhibition (abbreviation: Guangzhou cold chain cold chain cold chain industry exhibition) will create an international and professional exhibition, cold chain industry is committed to building an international set purchase transactions, products, technology forum for the integration of professional platform, promote the application of cold chain technology advanced in the world, to promote the development of China’s cold chain market.

market demand

according to authoritative data show that China’s existing meat processing plant more than 2 thousand and 500, with an annual output of about 80000000 tons of meat; frozen food processing plant more than 2 thousand and 700, with an annual output of more than 30 million tons of frozen food; beverage production enterprises more than 13 thousand and 500, the annual output of about 10000000 tons; in addition, each year there are about 60000000 tons of aquatic products processing. China’s more than 100 million tons of products need to be completed through the cold chain system, the potential market demand is particularly strong. Guangdong is a big province in the production and export of China’s food industry, food production enterprises more than 10 thousand, accounting for 10% of the total food industry of China; Guangdong food consumption habits in fresh food, all of these provide a great market space for the development of cold chain industry.

buyer resource

2015 Chinese Guangzhou International Exhibition and cold chain China 2015 Guangzhou International Fisheries Expo, twenty-third Guangzhou Expo held at the same time, sharing high-quality buyers huge resources, to create the industry’s most international cold chain logistics market value brand exhibition.

2014 twenty-second Guangzhou Expo has a total of more than and 40 cities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas countries to participate in the exhibition, the exhibition area of nearly 100 thousand square meters, booth, a total of more than 5 thousand. According to statistics, during the twenty-second Guangzhou Expo Museum to carry out trade and economic cooperation, visit in more than 19.5 foreign pnter passengers, reached the scene of economic and trade cooperation projects 190, the total amount of 159 billion 423 million yuan. 2015 China Guangzhou International Fisheries Expo exhibition area is expected to reach 20 thousand square meters, will attract more than more than 30 thousand people to the fisheries industry professionals.

exhibits range

food and drug cold chain logistics equipment, cold chain logistics services, components and cold storage refrigeration technology, control technology and cold chain materials, supplies, super refrigeration equipment, agricultural products processing technology, medical and biochemical low-temperature refrigeration equipment, cold chain supply chain information system, food safety and inspection technology, cold storage design, industry Park, cold storage and handling equipment recommended