Beautiful crazy rally Follow into the O2O five round of financing is anxious

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from the shopping guide website transformation to the vertical, the biggest fashion today find, shopping platform, development of the road is a striking one snag after another beautiful said. Last year, 500 million yuan investment to do marketing, this year, Baidu O2O joint cross-border. Behind such a high-profile, it is not difficult to find its efforts to find the tuyere. After the five round of financing, the beauty is not only the pressure of IPO, but also to continue to force to attract more market traffic, proposed this year to achieve the goal of trading volume of 15 billion yuan. In the industry view, although the beautiful said the advantages in the female market, but also need to dig deep in the user market.

follow into the O2O

this year it is beautiful to say the outbreak years, successively with mobile, enter the micro business, a film that buy social business model, is now on-line beauty meow App, incoming beauty O2O. Beijing Daily reporter to experience the beauty of meow App found through Baidu map can be found around the beauty, skin care and other projects, in addition, can also add beauty and dress collocation division various fashion consultant group, to share experiences with other users. The beauty industry O2O will start showing the competition situation from last year, and has a natural beauty of women "bonanza" now began to incoming billion euros in net founder Huang Yuanpu hit O2O new business characteristics seems well timed.

in November 2013, has been parasitic on the Alibaba’s beauty that was blocked by the Alibaba, to join rebels said the beginning of a beautiful formal restructuring business platform. But soon changed beautiful beautiful trees backed by Tencent, Jingdong, said the rapid recovery, and other public comment on WeChat wallet directory.

Huang Yuanpu told the Beijing Daily reporter, in a business plan before IPO, imagine more development space in the concept of the market, in the election of a new hot field better publicity campaign. Beautiful said the United States Bureau of industry O2O more is to test the water, and will not focus on this business, only as a major player in the U.S. industry market. The reason is that the Internet is to rely on the advantages of online, and no real strategic products, such as the beaver line with the oil product support, 58 home has 58 big city traffic business resources."

In addition,

58 city home, the cat to beaver are on-site service, another beauty has also look at fiercely as a tiger does. responsible person told Beijing Daily reporter, beauty industry O2O outlet has not really come, the has continued to wait and see. At present, will be considered to some mature, high-quality home O2O companies open App interface, the accumulation of market experience. After the U.S. industry as the market matures, service standards, the United States will actively follow up or open cooperation." In addition, also believes that by virtue of its abundant flow, large numbers of users, if you get involved in the beauty industry O2O, will accelerate the industry reshuffle.

in fact, by the end of last year, the United States began to usher in the industry O2O entrepreneurial tuyere. Although the 58 home, beaver home beauty industry O2O city.