The man caught MLM forced thousands of miles to rescue his wife

there are many cities MLM trap, these pyramid schemes mostly use violent means, so many people can not be separated from the deep. Recently, a man caught in MLM or even forced to make porn, and finally rescued by his family.

A few days ago,

"said in 69800, can earn 10 million 400 thousand." Wang said. This low input high return things really attractive, Wang had to pay, but he had no money at hand, they want to deceive his wife to give him money. Wang said, if you do not pay, the MLM organization person would not let him go, and threatened him.

is not only the threat of force, the marketing staff also forced Wang took some pornographic pictures sent to Wang, Lee’s wife, she threatened to send money to wang.

"from him, we can also get more clues, we recommend