Small Fresh Fruit Platter margin is amazing

fruit now almost become a part of many people’s life, but many families do not want to do the cleaning or peeling, long-term consumption of the same kind of fruit, it will make people boring, brings great business opportunities for the Fresh Fruit Platter.

, a mode of operation: in a relaxed atmosphere, the environment elegant room, furniture arrangement and layout of the atmosphere of the cafe is similar. But here is the sale of Fresh Fruit Platter and juice, with several customers can wish fruit salad sauce can be made of assorted cold dishes. Or eat the flavor.

"kitchen" staff should be in operation in the glass curtain wall, the customer can directly see the fresh degree of production process and raw materials, let the customer feel relieved. Customers want to eat several kinds of fruit can point. Press the "disk" charges, both health and convenience. The price must be cheap, or people will go to the market to buy home to eat. Reference price: a large Fresh Fruit Platter can be sold at 8 ~ 1O yuan, or even lower.

two, investment ideas: site selection is crucial. Some people say that the retail shop is the economy, it is not without reason. A site is good or bad largely determine the future profit and loss. The best Fresh Fruit Platter fast-food restaurant near the community, residents can walk through here sooner or later. So, many people will be out here the color aroma and taste to attract in passing, the price is reasonable, isn’t it?

greengrocer no policy threshold, do not need special expertise, no unit or individual may engage in. If you choose a business area of 40 ~ 70 square metres of retail stores, rental in different areas of need are not the same, the annual rent of 10 thousand to 30 thousand yuan, decoration, display cabinets, investment cash register systems, air conditioning equipment for a few million yuan, purchase cheap fruit, or how much money is used 100 thousand yuan can fix. However, the operation of fruit food fast food restaurants to some hard, less stock, regular purchase, in order to ensure that customers eat fresh fruit!

three, forecast benefits: how fruit shop can achieve profit? A fruit dealers, fruit sales gross margin reached 20%, such as the daily traffic of 150 people, per capita consumption of 10 yuan, annual revenues of up to 540 thousand yuan, annual gross profit was 108 thousand yuan. Deduct taxes, wages, rent, transportation, utilities, material consumption and other costs, the annual profit can be achieved more than 50 thousand yuan, the investment return period is expected in about 20 months.