How to make money like that

street is a very common way to make money, a lot of people will be involved. In fact, do business owners also need to pay attention to skills, if you are interested in this problem can be a lot of reference related experience. Today Xiaobian will provide some practical skills, so that we can learn together.

A, to put down the face of

three, choose a good time

of course can also produce food sales opportunities, snack food staple food is poor, because it is close to dinner time, 17:30, about 20:30 after the rice bowl time people shopping activities began to spread, all kinds of daily necessities, fun leisure products sales opportunities will come to. 21:00 began around the main consumer of food and other goods sales force will be reduced, because people have to go home and discuss appreciate stalls on commodity prices.

four, choose a cheap and practical good quality


is after all the stalls, do not expect, your earnings will reach more than 200%, generally below 100, business owners pay attention to is puerile, recommended