How about opening an authentic pizza restaurant in taly in 2016

2016 years of constant pace, choose to open an authentic pizza restaurant in Italy? Different tastes to bring people different feelings, and now a lot of people are very interested in Italy pizza, let us introduce the following, how to open the authentic pizza restaurant in Italy?

2016 open an authentic Italy pizza shop? Love win (Qingdao) Catering Management Co. Ltd., by the Hongkong headquarters to win love full investment, is a collection of professional research institutions at home and abroad Western delicacy food industry management and operation. " the popularity of Western food " is the company   business objectives. The headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city – Qingdao, after more than and 10 years of development, to struggle, the company has achieved a mature development in the franchise, brand management and market operation, continuous improvement and expansion of the   " love win " brand awareness in china.

? Through the above introduction, I believe you on Italy pizza franchise business methods to grasp some, in the catering industry is a long-term development of the industry will not decline, pizza as foreign delicacy, in China must have great development space. Now, as long as you know how to open an authentic pizza shop in Italy can help you succeed in business. Love is pizza, is definitely the best choice for you.

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