What documents are required to open an employment agency

to open an employment agency, for more people to introduce career, but also can earn more money for themselves. Because of this, there will be a lot of people who want to open an employment agency. However, want to start such an institution, but also need to have a more complete documents. So, what kind of documents need to open an employment agency?

provinces and cities are slightly different. Specific provinces and cities can check the labor security network.

general situation (take Beijing as an example) need to have the following conditions:

1, with a clear job description of service objects, methods, content and other business scope;

2, with the scope of business to adapt to the use of an area of not less than 50 square meters of fixed places and office facilities;

3, with no less than 100 thousand yuan of funds; apply for the "organization of professional recruitment fair" business institutions, should not less than 500 thousand yuan of funds;

4, there are not less than 5 full-time staff; apply for the "organization of professional recruitment fair" business, there should be no less than 20 full-time staff;

Other conditions as required by

5, laws and regulations.

run the occupation introduction business institutions shall meet the prescribed conditions, the application scope of business should be related to the occupation of main business.

application materials to be submitted:

1, fill in "occupation introduction organization examination and approval form" in two copies; the higher authorities, the competent department shall sign an audit opinion in the corresponding column and seal;

2, a written application for the establishment of an employment agency;

3, the feasibility report and implementation plan of the employment agency;

4, the prospectus and management system of employment agencies;

5, employment agency staff roster, qualifications and resume;

6, office and service establishments (all owned establishments shall be issued by the housing property certificate copy; lease should place a proof of rental property and housing ownership certificate copy, and the lease period is one year or more in accordance with the relevant regulations and housing lease);

7, letter of credit (issued by the accounting firm);

8, office equipment