Shi Yuzhu’s business talk do not play by the rules, create rules

some of the entrepreneurial success, more or less will have some of their secrets, listen to these people to share entrepreneurial experience, very beneficial to our business, we look at the following Shi Yuzhu entrepreneurial experience.


2006 in April 21st, Shi Yuzhu said, online games journey on the first day of the public test number of 200 thousand". "Journey" is always in the manufacture of many accidents in the gaming industry, the industry questioned the sound and cheers of the game player, the beta only 8 months of domestic 2D online games, created in 2006 China network myth. In November 11, 2006 to break the legend to maintain the same level of online games for 4 years at the same time the highest online record, in December 23rd to break through the 750 thousand mark, and once again to create their own record. March 23, 2007, the journey while the highest online breakthrough 860 thousand, far ahead of similar games, becoming China’s most popular online games.

The reason for the

"journey" latecomers become the first situation, Shi Yuzhu summed up as to break the norm, continuous innovation. Shi Yuzhu said: my characteristic is erratic, according to their own thinking to do. This is perhaps after coming from Shi Yuzhu for the first time after the failure to climb Mount Everest suffered a shengsijie epiphany.


"journey" success is the success of the product, some experts comment that the "journey" is a spoiler, probably because we did not follow the rules. We do not care about the form, as long as the players like, happy, they put forward the requirements of legitimate and reasonable, we will try to provide.

Shi Yuzhu as the game player’s experience, he also understand the network game than many other practitioners in five or six years or even seven or eight years of online games company boss, to better grasp the needs of game player. Business Classics