Moss bonsai business why more and more fire

although many of the market has been hot, but for many entrepreneurs still feel difficult to understand. For example, the recent period of time since the beginning of the popular moss bonsai, many people find it difficult to understand why moss bonsai business increasingly fire?

now the desk head is on one side of the businessmen to seize the green space, Chlorophytum, green, and the pleasant state of Fuguizhu, adorable and fleshy, recently to moss micro landscape color began to pop up.

in the exquisite glass or porcelain bowl, collocation landscape sand and doll with green moss, a dreamy fairy tale world, welcomed by the white-collar office.

speaking of past moss (aka: moss), the first picture emerges in the minds of people are mostly old tile roofed on the growth of a "green mist", the poet also praise it "Taihen order green grass green color into the shade". Nevertheless, people still very few moss and rose a pretty flower as more difficult to believe it transformed into a micro landscape after the price of moss, from eighty or ninety to hundreds of dollars. Business is good, and now more and more people with moss landscape." Yesterday, the flower industry park in Sanshengxiang, the merchant Liu said. Here, only a palm size of the original ecological moss worth 25 yuan.


Why is

popular? It is a forecaster of air pollution

speaking of reasons why the sudden popularity of moss, benefits of bonsai shop owner count moss, first described it as other plants "protection of God", "you know, moss can save the moisture in the air, and also a great side to" neighbors "also provide water and air."

if the home of moss is color gray, then it is to tell your home air pollution. Mr. Zhang said the boss, a lot of people to buy moss are actually urban residents, now beautify the home environment on the popular rural wind".

of course, it can purify the air naturally it can now be an important reason for the hot market, but more buyers can choose a bonsai product like this, or perhaps because of its appearance. In short, the moss bonsai market is now hot up, if you want to invest, nature can be a good choice.