Secret why many startups fail

do you want to start a company? So are you ready for the challenge? In our influence, the entrepreneurial failure rate is high. One of the worst I’ve seen is that each of the one thousand venture capital start-ups has only two of them worth more than $one hundred million. Why do many startups fail? Let’s take a look.

every startup like Facebook, Square or   Google soar? Of course not. Figure out what you’re going through and let your team and investors understand and agree on what’s going on. Many startups can not go to the market is also less than $one hundred million valuation, but entrepreneurs should understand that these two can not fail to do. In between and to seek money everywhere the NASDAQ bell of the two states, as well as the majority of the intermediate zone. The middle zone is also a place to make a lot of money. The key is to build a sustainable profit machine.

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