Speculators reap entrepreneurial grants to take advantage of a weak point

is now everywhere in the positive to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, and there are many local governments in order to encourage local entrepreneurs, have in the above funds to give their support of the majority of the entrepreneur.

Chongqing a university

"it is state money, do not take the white does not take." This argument in the Internet be too numerous to enumerate. According to a netizen, an Internet Forum at once (now deleted) had a professor to speculators playing the "edge ball" to apply for the registration of the name of micro enterprises to seek business subsidies.

"with the increasingly fierce competition in society, many people agree venture this way, especially graduating students. Most entrepreneurs are motivated by a desire to make a career, but there are also a lot of speculators, they hit the idea of a grant." Chongqing construction cost consulting company, said the person in charge: Entrepreneurial threshold is too low, the lack of follow-up audit and other reasons are given the opportunity to speculate."