What is the best ice cream in the world


ever want to try the best ice cream in the world? I have to say more than is the most delicious ice cream, I also want to taste all the delicious delicacy all over the world, it is enough in my life. This is my biggest wish chowhound.

today Xiaobian take you to see the world’s best to eat ice cream?

1.  Italy handmade ice cream (Italy – Gelato)

Gelato is the most famous ice cream in Italy, there are a variety of flavors to choose from, more than the average American ice cream density, fragrance is more adequate. You can add a variety of flavors in the same cup of ice cream, which is much easier than choosing a single taste of ice cream.

2.  Japan ice cream (Japan – Ice Cream Mochi Murti)

Japanese dessert lovers try to blend the local favorite desserts, glutinous rice, and American ice cream into a tasty food. The two size of the delicious is made of all kinds of depression and meters for tapping into the color glutinous rice ball with various flavors of ice cream, the outside is wrapping up a thin layer of white flour, delicate taste delicious.

3.  Argentina ice cream (Argentina – Helado)

if you think Italy ice cream is the best ice cream in the world, you must have never been to Argentina. Delicate and smooth, rich materials high piled into the ice cream cone. The Argentina ice cream flavors, and most of them with the Argentine favorite – caramel.

4. New Zealand mihimihi (New Zealand – mihimihi)

has a "white town" reputation of New Zealand with its high-quality dairy products and the world-famous Mihimihi use the most fresh, best quality milk cream, in order to achieve 100% pure natural, its fat content is very low, eat ice cream beauty absolutely can not miss! Love dessert, please pay attention to TPXW520

5. American Ben & Jerry`s (Vermont- Ben & Jerry`s)

Vermont ice cream is not a style but a brand – Ben & Jerry`s. You can find their unique flavors of ice cream at the city’s grocery store and ice cream store