What is the principle of three requirements and the three principles

promotion for the development of a store business has a very important role, if you want to promote a better effect, but also need to follow the relevant principles. Here, Xiao Bian will come to introduce the promotion process which needs to follow the three to the three principles, to see what is the specific content.

one, three to the principle of

1, it is necessary to assume that the promotion is not implemented: so there are detailed and specific measures, the sales process is divided into several links.

2, it is necessary to assume that the measures are not implemented: therefore, there must be an inspection. Check each link has not been implemented, have not achieved the desired results. IBM President Gerstner said: "if you emphasize what, you check what, you do not check is equal to do not attach importance to."

3, it is not useful to assume that the check: so there should be rewards and punishments. Of course, a reward can not solve all the problems, rewards and punishment must be established on the basis of formulating measures and inspection, rewards and punishment are used in measures and checks are not enough to achieve the effect of context, and the reward is very exquisite skills.

two or three principles

1, the process of training, training, solicitation, reception, consulting, services, mining, overcome objections, facilitate, joint sales, cashier, from all aspects of the angle of process specification.

2, clear: try to use intuitive method to understand the beautician. Such as the use of scene simulation training.

3, operation: practical and simple, all training is not behind closed doors to most probably it did not actually happen.

promotion now applied to any shop business development process, however, if you want to make promotion play a better role, Xiaobian introduced "three" "three" principles of natural entrepreneurs also need to pay attention to, so as to ensure a better promotion effect.