What kind of new varieties of retail stores to introduce consumers need to do judges

a shop wants to attract customers, on the basis of traditional products also need to continue to introduce new products. However, in the end what kind of new product is suitable for the market, in fact, also need to allow consumers as judges, the same is true of the cigarette business. What kind of cigarette smoke, which kind of cigarette is not good, consumers have the right to speak. Therefore, the introduction of a cigarette retail customer goods regulations, must be suitable for local consumers taste it, not only with their own subjective.

first is the introduction of market research. The advantages of the new brand of cigarettes is a "new" word, the drawback is "new"". The advantages of the "new" is another landscape of the market; the shortcomings of the "new" is the basis of its poor market, of course, a certain degree of difficulty in marketing. Therefore, in the introduction of new cigarette, must do the market survey, identify the market demand, and then analysis the right brand, this is not due to the introduction of new cigarette brands rush the sales difficult phenomenon.

now, the new brand sales of many tobacco companies, due to the limitations of taste and consumer groups, which is not a cigarette can fit in the store sales, only the correct positioning of the consumer groups, the correct positioning of cigarette sales, sales of the new brand in order to expand the market.

two is in line with local consumption habits. Generally speaking, the new real estate in the local acceptance faster, the field of brand acceptance slower, faster acceptance of flue-cured tobacco type, mixed type of acceptance slower. For the younger consumer groups based retail stores, the acceptance of low tar fast, high tar acceptance slower; packaging novel and unique acceptance faster, the usual acceptance of packaging slower. The acceptance of normal cigarettes was faster and the acceptance of fine branches was slower.

so, consumer groups is very important for the cigarette brands, only to find a suitable brand cultivation soil, to make the brand, and air plant. Brand development is a gradual process, can not act with undue haste in cultivating retail customers of the new brand, but not all of a sudden, the introduction of new products too much. More, the cultivation of energy is dispersed, there will be no good results. To do less and fine, slow work to fine work.

three is to solicit the views of consumers. The process of new product sales, but also the process of continuous feedback consumer information. Retail customers to encourage the free airing of views at this time, many consumers listen to opinions or suggestions. To be a successful retail customer, if you want to develop a new brand, you should be willing to invest in retail customers.

usually, in the introduction of new brands of cigarettes, can ask around more senior smokers, organize their taste, new attributes to find suitable for local cigarette cigarette consumption habits and taste, and made valuable comments and suggestions. Retail customers through these organizations, one is able to expand the reputation, the two is to increase brand communication. In any case, don’t forget