National brands have foreign acquisitions of how to keep to the path of

nation is the world, how to create a national brand? How to adhere to the national road? Recently, the acquisition of national brands have foreign capital, how to deal with this dilemma? Faced with such a situation? May wish to take a look at!

in "Huiyuan case", well-known financial observers Li Zhiqi said, "from the perspective of Zhu Xinli’s personal choice, this choice can be used ‘a torrent of words achieve success and win recognition,’8 summary. As entrepreneurs, he went from Shandong to Beijing, and then from Beijing to the enterprise to Hongkong, has completed its mission to achieve their goals. From the enterprise, a lot of people to start businesses and brands not to make it a hundred years old. Moreover, the fruit juice beverage market has evolved into a high capital market, is a typical capital intensive industries, so many companies are very tight financial chain. Therefore, a businessman, an entrepreneur, is enough. After all, ‘rivers and lakes rule’ is based on the strength of the success or failure of the hero, at this time the seal knife, as worthy of our respect."

and at the same time, the theory on foreign issues before several arguments, are based on the general "foreign", but not always separate the foreign capital in the "industrial capital" and "financial capital" strict. In fact, foreign capital, including industrial capital and financial capital of two kinds, and people criticized the acquisition of foreign capital is mainly aimed at "industrial capital".

from general foreign capital to distinguish between financial capital, relative safety and effectiveness of industrial capital seems to have become a consensus, but the problem is not so simple. For a long time, the main reason is not to strictly distinguish that relative to the industrial capital, financial capital into large-scale Chinese late years.

of "foreign" financial and industrial capital of the segment again, also from the "real price" of the exchange. In April 1993, Singapore Hong Leong Asia Group, Goldman Sachs, the Cathay Pacific Fund foreign financial capital signed a joint venture with Yuchai yuchai. A year later, the foreign shareholder holds the Yuchai Yuchai international injection was successfully listed in New York stock exchange. However, before the listing, Hong Leong Asia will be in the hands of Yuchai assets also packaged listed in New York as a hostage, proposed in the international holding gold stocks (Yuchai has a veto of the shares) requirements, and got it. Since then, holding gold stocks and Hong Leong Yuchai launched a long game. The two sides in the financial expenditure, new product development, employee benefits, profit distribution, domestic listing, management and development strategy, etc.