Financial innovation and development of Fuzhou FTA remarkable results

in the positive response to the national call: "public business, the premise of innovation", many local enterprises launched its own innovation, have achieved significant success. Fuzhou Free Trade Zone financial innovation and fruitful! Yesterday, the Fuzhou Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee of the people’s Bank of China Fuzhou branch, Fujian banking regulatory bureau, Fujian securities regulatory bureau, Fujian Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the city finance office and other units, the second installment of the 13 Financial Innovation case. So far, Fuzhou Free Trade Zone released financial innovation cases have reached 41, in support of the real economy, promote trade and investment facilitation, deepen cross-strait financial cooperation and achieved positive results.

second batch of financial innovation cases focused on the following five areas

– to promote the innovation of the financial system, including the regulatory authorities to simplify the banking institutions in the region access system, banking institutions to simplify the process of trade finance services approval process 2 cases. Fujian banking regulatory bureau of the district banks branch level (excluding branch) institutions, executives access matters of prior approval to post report, and establish access matters limit handling system; district banks use online banking and other electronic financial services trade platform, simplify approval process, improve the efficiency of trade financing services, to help customers reduce the open for 1 days ~2 days.

implementation of the policy of financial reform and innovation, including the centralized operation and management of foreign exchange funds, Chinese enterprises cross-border financing, individuals often under the cross-border RMB settlement, debt capital willingness settlement in 4 cases. Industrial Bank (601166, shares) Fuzhou area branch operations centralized management of foreign exchange funds for high dragon group; Fuzhou area branch of CCB handled the first cross-border financing business for Chinese enterprises full caliber cross-border financing policy; ICBC Fuzhou branch handled the first area people often under the cross-border RMB settlement business, break through the territory you can only handle the trade in goods and services trade restrictions on cross-border RMB settlement; ICBC Fuzhou branch area for foreign debt capital settlement willingness to help enterprises to avoid exchange rate risk.

– cross strait financial cooperation to achieve a breakthrough. 14 banks in the region and the Shanghai credit Co., Ltd. signed the Taiwan region credit reporting service contract. Among them, the Agricultural Bank of China Fuzhou branch area for Taiwan enterprises Taiwan handled the first in the Taiwan area business credit report inquiries, help to solve the financing problem of the lack of credit in Taiwan funded enterprises.

– support for the development of new industries, including parallel import car warranty liability model, import and export outsourcing platform for financial services, 2 cases. PICC and the parallel import of car enterprises in the region to explore the way to solve the problem of parallel imports of imported cars in the form of liability insurance. When the insured vehicle quality problems, consumers can be designated in the provinces of the country more than and 110 parallel import car repair service outlets for after-sales service. At the end of August, more than more than and 600 imported cars through the service to solve the problem of customer service recommendation