Chocolate shop management skills four points need to pay attention to

chocolate delicacy is one of the most modern people think in leisure time, now open the chocolate shop business is not in the minority, want to get a high in the market, so excellent management method is absolutely indispensable.

A, the boss to learn to listen, learn to analyze

either in the same industry, the same industry or not, whether employees, or their families, will give you some of his ideas, views and opinions. Sometimes these ideas, though not entirely correct, may be misleading, you have to wait for someone else’s advice, learn to listen, learn to analyze. They often view objectively, they will tell you: you are not placed in the corner; in fact, customers love nice packaging of imported chocolate; the family will tell you, first from the shop to start, don’t invest too much, so you earn money for rent and water and electricity charges management fees and support. A person’s ability is limited, good bad, always represent their views. When they get involved in a new industry, blind business, it is better to learn from some professional methods, skills.

two, and your good supplier

for the owner, the supplier is equal to you please the clerk, the boat can capsize. Sometimes we can easily think: because they are from where you purchase, you are God; so you can like some of your customers, are eligible to do whatever they want, not only for thanksgiving. – wrong! You have to keep a good relationship with them. For example, there are new products, they will tell you in advance; when the shortage of goods, will first consider you; even when you are short of money can be shipped, after the money. A good supply of suppliers, is absolutely the arm of your business.

three, we must work with

order of priority

do have weight, pay attention to clear things slow, anxious, light and heavy processing how to judge things slow, anxious? That is, from the handling of the matter and do not deal with the possible consequences of analysis. For example: utilities did not pay, Dove chocolate no center, store posters out of date, the day after tomorrow is Valentine’s day how to do publicity stores. I own a chocolate shop, imported chocolate and domestic chocolate have, in recent days also want to do DIY chocolate, is a relatively new industry. My wife is doing a clothing store, I still have a little experience in the shop. Below to share with you some of my ideas in the shop as a boss should have some ideas