What are the factors that need to be considered in the gymnasium

How should the

gym location work be carried out? According to the characteristics of this project, how to choose the franchisee? Do you have your own opinion? If you are not very understanding of this problem, you can learn to learn with small, small series finishing the relevant points, I hope to provide you with site reference.

gym location has three main directions: one is the bustling commercial center; the two is concentrated in high-grade community; the three is the high-end real estate inside the club. The first two must make full investigation and analysis, the third is popular in recent years, developers need to carefully analyze text introduction and investment information, and must to the community crowd analysis.

1, the surrounding environment:

note: refers to the ability to ease market development; potential is the possibility that the target population into the gym consumption.

2, traffic conditions: (1) four road analysis; (2) bus number analysis

3, flow analysis: mainly on the facade of the stadium on the road traffic, traffic analysis.

4, supporting facilities

5, building hardware

6, competitive analysis