Suitable for returnees entrepreneurial industry which

is now the number of college students increased, the domestic status of overseas returnees increased sharply, however many returnees from various aspects of the impact, in the foreign job frustrated, many choose to return home, which is well suited to their entrepreneurial industry?

Want to start early to prepare

The most important point

"returnees" business, to find a good partner, combination. Entrepreneurial team come from? In fact, from the past colleagues there, because with such entrepreneurial base, the possibility of success is relatively large. To learn to accumulate their own venture capital. The best time to accumulate capital, reflected in the daily work. Therefore, at any time, have to pay attention to their character. If you do not speak character, do not speak style, do not talk about the degree of life, can not find a like-minded, can work together. So from the fundamental point of view, the man is not for others, first of all for their own.

what industry suitable for business

"returnees" there is a mistake in the business, technology and professional background of the "returnees" that they understand what technology is all understand, especially in their own business enterprises, technology type "returnees" must decide everything, but in fact there is a research and development ability, does not have the management ability. Specializing in the field of technology returnees business, the need for excellent management personnel to help manage enterprises.