Village in the city to take the shantytowns Express

To improve the infrastructure construction, optimize city space layout, build a beautiful village, in September 21st, with the start Shen Zhai village construction and shantytowns City area, city to city reconstruction is one of the key content of shantytowns to accelerate the pace of construction, more and more located in the urban fringe village, modern life is take the shantytowns "happiness express" to the city near. According to the national contiguous large-scale reconstruction priorities, difficult housing conditions, the demands of the masses shantytowns urgent policy, this year the city to determine the construction of 47790 units of low-income housing, the city shantytowns 40305 units, accounting for 84% of the amount of low-income housing construction. In the shanty towns, the city will be the transformation of villages in the city include North Gate Yuen Road area, Chengzhong District Shen Zhai area, east area of Cao Zhai area, west area of Yang Zhai area as a key city village renovation project, at present, these projects are speeding up the implementation of. According to the city housing security and the Housing Authority staff, shantytowns will not only improve the living environment within the area, will also help to enhance the quality of the city. But within the scope of the shantytowns residential density, demolition is relatively large, therefore, I, the relevant departments to increase the intensity of policy advocacy, and actively guide the demolition, in order to obtain more residents understand and support reform work shed. According to the city’s shantytowns task, this year the city will be the four phase of the reform of the city area, such as the transformation of the city’s key projects, the transformation of the area is one of shenyang. Shen Zhai village and area shantytowns project started construction, marking the village development and economic development will enter a new stage, the villagers living environment will be further improved, a sense of belonging, happiness will also be enhanced. Shen Tsuen new village construction project with a total construction area of 449807 square meters, of which residential area of 247811 square meters, a total of 2292 units, the project also includes commercial, hotels, kindergartens, nursing homes and other facilities. After the completion of the new village, will be a fully equipped, reasonable layout, elegant environment, clean and beautiful new urban district.