Xining three measures to do a good job of energy law enforcement focus on statistical inspection


to promote the "chuangxianzhengyou" activities carried out extensive, according to the Municipal Bureau of statistics, Municipal Supervision Bureau, municipal judicial bureau and the Xining National Bureau of investigation team to carry out the overall arrangements of Statistics Law Enforcement Inspection Bureau, I take three measures to make energy statistics the focus of law enforcement inspection work.
1, the propaganda work as soon as possible. Beginning in June, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics on the combination of statistical business training, strengthen the propaganda of statistical laws and regulations, enhance the legal awareness of statisticians, urged the authenticity of energy statistics. At the same time, combined with the work of each energy statistics report, the combination of the report reminder and the law enforcement inspection work, and promote the timeliness, accuracy and integrity of the report submitted by the enterprise.
3, checks the work place. Municipal Statistics Bureau, Supervision Bureau, the Bureau of justice statistics law enforcement personnel in accordance with the relevant requirements, combined with the law enforcement inspection work, from August 10th to August 25th, the Qinghai Pharmaceutical Factory Co. Ltd., Xining Zhang Industrial Co. Ltd. "group" livestock and poultry products company, Xining water (Group) energy statistics limited liability company and Xining City auto repair factory 4 above scale industrial enterprises were the focus spot checks, energy statistics report based energy statistics work, mainly checks enterprise reporting timeliness, energy statistics data accuracy etc.. Through the spot checks, enhance the enterprise’s legal concept of statistics.