Qinghai Lake is the four largest breeding place for summer migratory birds

  display area Management Bureau on investigation of Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve at present, Qinghai Lake has become the world’s largest breeding goose, fish gull, cormorant, brown Headed Gull these four summer migratory birds, have accounted for four of the total of more than 1/10 large birds multiply to Qinghai Lake every year.The director of district administration research protection department clerk Zhang Hu

the Qinghai Lake nature reserve, June 20th to 27, district administration of egg Island, 24 Island cormorant birds key distribution area and centralized breeding area of Lake patrol the Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve were monitored, recorded 37 species of waterfowl, the number amounted to more than 43050, in number four the birds are the common cormorant more than 11590, more than 9190 fishing gulls and wild goose 8250, more than 4310.

cormorants, gulls, geese, fish breeding in Qinghai Lake is brown Headed Gull summer bird "corps", because of breeding a new round, compared to the current number of them and the number of inspections in April this year, there is substantial growth." Zhang Hu said.

according to reports, the Qinghai Lake breeding bar headed goose, fish gull, cormorant, brown Headed Gull populations have reached or exceeded the world population of 10%, occupies an important position in the diversity of species. Continue to carry out scientific research, can be the first to enrich the diversity of biological protection of Qinghai Lake basic information.

is located in the northeastern part of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in the Qinghai Lake, about 3200 meters above sea level, is China’s largest inland saltwater lake and international important wetlands, but also a unique breeding ground for birds and migratory birds in asia. With the gradual improvement of the ecological environment in recent years, attracting tens of thousands of migratory birds each year to live and reproduce, ranked first in China’s eight largest bird sanctuary.