Xiguan Street set up public line

this year, the city of Xining into a crucial year, the relevant government departments, grass-roots party organizations for the people how to serve? Reporters recently in the West Street office learned that the streets around the fine management and social management innovation, launched the sentiments pipeline engineering, become government ties with the masses and serve the people with heart bridge.

is now a good environment in the courtyard, and more exchanges between the neighbors, people have a sense of security, happiness has been greatly improved." In the South meteorological Lane community family hospital, several residents told reporters. Reporters learned that the family member courtyard for families of the bankrupt enterprise, belongs to the three buildings, in the office of the organization, family member courtyard built party volunteer team, patrol, also built a resident room, the family member courtyard look now take on an altogether new aspect.

according to the West Main Street neighborhood offices responsible person, this year the West Main Street Street office will focus on the construction of harmonious new West, through the strengthening and innovation of social management, establish and improve the residents demand expression mechanism, disputes solving mechanism, emergency response mechanism, and strive to create a lively situation of harmonious society and harmonious society and everyone shared "in in this area, is a social management information platform for the establishment of the street level, integrated planning, comprehensive management, civil affairs, judicial resources, achieve area people, and things, information and digital management; two is the implementation of sentiments pipeline engineering, through the establishment of a public mailbox, improve the community residents Consultative Council system further, smooth expression mechanism of the demands of the residents; three is to carry out a wide range of household defense, defense, neighborhood Shou shop Look, look at building nursing homes for prevention and treatment work, enhance the sense of security of the residents of the area; the four is for the demolition of the city of hot and difficult problems, increase the disputes, to maintain the stability of areas.

according to reports, last year the West Main Street neighborhood offices set up contact with the masses of cadres serving the grassroots work leading group, carry out the "on hundreds of homes, know hundreds of love, is difficult to do housework, Jiebai 100, 100 warm heart care service activities, the implementation of the" one in a box of five card "system, through visits and children, and older members and residents to make friends, listen to public opinion, good feelings diary, residents in the hospital setting hanging prominent position" public mailbox ", the people received a total of 32 letters, letters of timely treatment, so that each piece is implemented, everything has an echo, further smooth demand channel, residents express. (for: Publicity)