The most difficult stage Jersey did not break the spell

7 22, the fifteenth "Qinghai Nongxin Cup" Qinghai Lake international road cycling race was the sixth stage – West town to the Qilian game, the entire 207 km of the stage, a sprint and two climbing points, located along the 173.75 km winter tree mountain pass at an altitude of 4120 metres H climbing points for the competition stage of the highest point. Finally, No. 54 Ukraine rugby team Kors coudy · Sergei in 4 hours 51 minutes 16 seconds to win the championship stage, No. 213 Ningxia lottery team LIVALL Peres, No. 62 Taipei RTS team won the two or three Coronado ghoulishly.

in the early morning of the gold and silver grassland was a long distance from the riding team woke up, when the warriors are ready to do everything, the game in the West Town gun, the players to the sky Qilian. Compared with the day before the It’s raining and blowing hard. provides a strong guarantee for the weather, the weather on the day of good for the players to complete the most difficult stage of the game. Just the beginning of the game, when the accident occurred accidentally hit 5 kilometers, more than the players affected. After the fall of the players to adjust the new road, the front of the regiment continued to have players to attack the breakout, the game to 23 km, the leading group of a total of 12 players, followed by a group of the pursuit of the 6.

race to 65 km, all the leading players in front of the return of the main group. Before long, the 206 Gansu bank Juan ·, launched an attack, rushed out of the big group, not only the first to sprint through the point, and successfully won the first climbing point. After the first point of climbing, downhill ahead of the players back to the big group.

game once again enter the climbing Road, No. 2 Italy LANBO Merida team gonde · Valerio rushed out in large groups, the impact of second climbing points, but at the last minute by the rear came 155 Croatia team Anna Antonio will mention charm second sprint points first. Since then, the game into a 10 km long steep sharp sections. The downhill stage rugged road, the players were riding very carefully, and formed a small group riding situation. Enter the end point, a large group of sprint spectacular scenes, the final 54 rugby team Ukraine Kors coudy · Sergei crossed the line first, won the championship stage.

after the end of the sixth stage, colored Jersey had no change, 51 team Ukraine Kors boots · Vitale continue to hold the symbol of the total score of the first yellow jersey and a symbol of the green jersey sprint points, No. 95 Kazakhstan Calvino geddie Chi · team always leaves; afternoon following the renewal of Asia Gurney best blue shirts, dot No. 64 Taipei shirt continued by the Olga · RTS morichi;;