January Xining harvest 23 days of good standards of the proportion of the number of days was 74.2%

January, a total of 23 harvest in Xining fine days, the number of days to reach the standard ratio of 74.2%.

It is reported that

and PM2.5 exceed the standard for 6 days in the air in January 2015, compared with the same period last year decreased by 11 days, the mean PM2.5 concentration was lower than in January 2014; January 2015 PM10 exceed the standard for 6 days, compared with the same period last year decreased by 10 days, the mean PM10 concentration was lower than in January 2014. NO2 and SO2 remained below level two. Last year, the city of Xining in dealing with air pollution control, integrated management strategy, the treatment of the disease, to improve the ecological environment. Invested nearly 1 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 150% over the previous year.

this year, Xining city will continue to promote the comprehensive management of air pollution, the model of best efforts to tackle, vigorously implement the air pollution prevention and control project, the completion of a comprehensive coverage of natural gas pipeline internal combustion coal boiler, complete the 8000 yellow cars out of the task. Strict control of demolition and construction site dust pollution, promote green energy saving construction and low carbon environmental protection construction, strengthen motor vehicle exhaust and pollution control of key enterprises. Further strengthen the management of the coal market, reduce soot emissions, improve the quality of atmospheric environment. At the same time, vigorously promote the transformation of industrial kilns, waste heat and pressure utilization, clean production, waste gas recycling and other key energy-saving projects.