Ma Shunqing in the thirteen session of the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of Ch

  in February 4th, the thirteen Committee of the Communist Youth League of China (Qinghai) held its four meeting (enlarged) meeting in Xining. Meeting to convey the spirit of the provincial Party committee and the spirit of the central mission in the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, summed up the work of last year, the deployment of this year’s work tasks. Provincial Party committee, the provincial reform office, the Provincial Federation of trade unions chairman Ma Shunqing attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Ma Shunqing fully affirmed and highly appraised the work of the Communist Youth league. He pointed out that the province’s organizations at various levels to conscientiously implement the central and provincial Party’s mass work conference, around the center, work hard, work is colorful, the highlights are frequent, and effectively improve the influence on young people in the Communist Youth League, attraction, charisma and cohesion.

Ma Shunqing stressed that the province’s organizations at various levels to seize the opportunity, should be powerful and moving, the flow, to unite and guide the youth to make contributions in the great practice of writing a chapter in Qinghai Chinese dream. To grasp the pulse of the times, to cultivate the youth of the party, the country, the nation’s sincere feelings, and guide young people to strengthen the ideals and beliefs. To grasp the rhythm of reform, firm faith in reform, actively and steadily push forward the reform of the Communist Youth league. To play the role of force led the majority of young people to participate in social practice, "13th Five-Year" meritorious. To strengthen their own construction, stressed the need for political construction, business Hing Group, style strong group, and strive to walk in the forefront of the times.