Efforts to create a warm harbor sanitation

in order to further improve the working environment of the sanitation workers, sanitation workers care carried out, after receiving the superiors instructions after the north area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau to quickly organize sanitation service company of the Department personnel, within the jurisdiction of the sanitation workers rest station, made a unified investigation, preliminary selected fifteen cleaning staff rest station and, and two for the rest of Qilian Road, the road public toilet in the Menyuan public toilet equipped with tables and chairs, hot kettle, microwave oven, thermos bottle and other daily necessities, and earnestly solve the part cleaning cold room heating, thirsty have water to drink, tired of having a place to stay true to practical problems. The government’s care practical, cleaning staff were happy to say: "we must work hard, not the government’s care and expectations, to rebuild a clean whole Clean the city and work hard".
north area of city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, business executives said that in the days after the sanitation infrastructure construction work, more humane of sanitation workers rest station, unified planning and design, provide a warm harbor for the sanitation workers to rest more.