am optimistic about the economic and trade cooperation between Qinghai and South korea

a man can walk fast, but he may not go far. Two people may walk slowly, but they can go farther." In June 21st, 2016 China (Qinghai) – Korea friendship week CEO business forum, the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Corporation Vice President Zheng Guangyong with simultaneous translation headset, to explore the problems in the development of economic and trade cooperation with the parties on behalf of CEO listen carefully.

"we are the first to show consumers in Qinghai province and to introduce Korean goods, in this activity, KOTRA will play the role of bridge and link between Qinghai and South Korea, to further promote the enterprise cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and common development." Zheng Guangyong told reporters that this is the first time he came to Qinghai, on behalf of the ROK is responsible for the China ROK friendship week, one of the series of activities, the Korean commodities fair".

Korean trade and Investment Promotion Corporation, as the South Korean government’s trade and Investment Promotion Authority, set up a total of 17 trade centers in china. Currently in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first tier cities, and Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Zhengzhou and other places with trade hall. They mainly promote trade and economic exchanges between China and South Korea through the development of the Korea commodity fair.

cooperation and development between the two sides, Zheng Guangyong said, I am optimistic about the future economic and trade cooperation between Qinghai and South korea. Qinghai Unicom as a major transportation hub in North and south, is a node connected provinces of the Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road, "in The Belt and Road" plays a very important geographical and regional advantages. Korea trade investment and revitalization of the community is willing to make the greatest efforts to promote Qinghai, promote more Korean companies to invest in Qinghai."