Huangyuan mother worship ceremony heritage mother virtue

Huangyuan in September, the autumn wind to send cool, fruit fragrance, filled with the breath of traditional culture. By September 26th, China folk society and Qinghai women’s Federation, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau hosted the sixth session of the Huangyuan West Queen worship ceremony in the mysterious implication of Zong Jia Gou held. "Read Zusi pro, your mother". From Taiwan and many domestic experts and scholars, celebrities and tourists gathered her hometown in Huangyuan more than all the children of the Yellow Emperor, common ancestor worship, recalling Jude, a long history of understanding and splendid culture of the Chinese nation, feel the broad and profound Chinese culture and the Chinese national spirit as the core characters of the culture of Kunlun, the queen mother of the West from historical figures into real Yan a face of the supreme goddess, has had a significant impact on the formation and development of the Chinese nation. She and Chinese, but also the Chinese nation common ancestor, known as the Chinese mother, from home and abroad of the common server and heartfelt reverence for all the children of the Yellow Emperor. Tens of thousands of Chinese religious worship in September 26th, before the statue of the queen mother of the west, flags fluttering, mulberry smoke filled, suona, gongs and drums, the high grade and high specifications of the worship ceremony, attracted tens of thousands of people at home and abroad and across the province devoted to the ceremony. The whole scene is solemn and solemn, the audience looks dignified, full of a sense of holiness, but also shows that people cherish the memory of Chinese ancestors and reverence. With every year the West Queen worship ceremony held in Huangyuan, your mother, mother, mother of filial piety the good social fashion has been in Huangyuan and the province, the national day. Huangyuan county magistrate Shi Chao said at the worship ceremony when said, Huangyuan county held a "read Zusi pro, mother of filial piety" as the theme, "the hometown of West Queen worship, autumn hike, large West queen culture forum, photography, painting and calligraphy collection boutique tourism promotion" as the carrier of the sixth session of the West Queen worship ceremony, together the memory of ancestors of the Chinese nation, the Chinese mother, the queen mother of the west, to promote the socialist core values, good social habits, filial respect maternal inheritance and the traditional virtue, for cultural heritage, excavation of cultural resources, stimulate cultural vitality, promote the development of tourism and cultural integration, has a very important role in promoting. West Queen worship ceremony has been successfully held in Huangyuan, has become a propaganda show spirit of people of all ethnic groups in Huangyuan, the development and utilization of cultural tourism resources in Huangyuan, an important platform for promoting the depth of fusion development of cultural tourism. We will fully rely on the historical culture, military culture, national culture and unique Huangyuan unique and rich tourism resources in Huangyuan, increasing cultural characteristics, mining, integration and development of tourism resources, vigorously develop the characteristics of cultural tourism, provide spiritual motivation and cultural support to build powerful County for the full cultural tour. Famous experts praise chorus on the day of the worship ceremony, experts and scholars from home and abroad have expressed respect for mother, mother of Thanksgiving, but also the common aspiration all over the world of human beings, through the worship ceremony of this vector to express gratitude to the great mother admire feelings, help good habits to further stimulate the whole society to respect mother, mother love, filial piety, enhance national cultural identity and the formation of cooperative people of all nationalities together to build a harmonious society. Li Song, director of the folk literature and art development center of the Ministry of culture, told reporters: "the queen mother of the west;