Qinghai, the second venture capital exhibition will soon be unveiled at the Qinghai nternational Co

reporter learned from the provincial employment service, August 26th, Qinghai Province second business exhibition will be opened at the Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center, business exhibition a total of 294 projects participating, currently work is being launched.

Deputy director of the Employment Service Bureau of

province Huang Yajun introduction, the second exhibition of entrepreneurship contest aims to encourage and guide more groups to participate in entrepreneurship, demonstration and guide more people to get rich, to further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm, promote our province to accelerate the development of entrepreneurship to promote employment. In order to further clarify the events and details of the process, to ensure the smooth implementation of activities, human resources and social security department to develop a specific implementation plan, the activities of the organization, and the relevant requirements of the time and place to make arrangements for the deployment.

The second session of the

entrepreneurship competition exhibition to the province’s various business projects for the display of the key, combined with the city and state representative and influential business projects, in accordance with the sale of the way to product exhibition promotion, display items (including pictures, video display, display data model display and field demonstration etc.) form, regional layout display; entrepreneurial achievement exhibition by the organizing committee to design the overall layout, and for the city, state division will be based on the exhibition booth, exhibition hall layout design, highlighting the nearly two years of employment results, main methods, achievements and prospects of the next step work etc.. This exhibition will also set up the Bank of China exhibition services for entrepreneurs to provide entrepreneurial financing services and consulting.

as of now, Qinghai Province second contest of innovation and entrepreneurship in the general registration number nearly 700, semi-finals, the provincial science and Technology Department, the Communist Youth League of Qinghai provincial Party committee, the Provincial Department of education organization system of the special race and the Provincial Department of human resources and social security organizations near the end.

entrepreneurial achievements on the first floor of the exhibition to display the main features, the two floor is mainly based on the standard booth sales, municipalities, states classified statistics and report to the Organizing Committee in advance. Municipalities, state designated leader, responsible for the project design exhibition exhibitors, exhibitors exhibitors accommodation, product transportation and other areas by themselves, each participating project organizing committee in accordance with the standard of 1500 yuan subsidy for exhibitors. Entrepreneurial achievements during the exhibition, the region is equipped with at least 1 instructors, the whole audience to explain the situation.