The government’s policy support of the masses autonomy priority solid and effective disaster recover

  May 24th, deputy head of the deputy governor of the province of Menyuan earthquake disaster recovery work leading group Kuang Yong led the relevant departments to Menyuan County Supervision and inspection work of post disaster recovery process.

during the investigation, Chung Kuang field view of Bei Shan Xiang Bei Shan Gen Cun Sha Gou Nao Cun and D level dangerous households, Menyuan County first kindergarten, Menyuan County town residents building reinforcement project. He pointed out that after the disaster recovery work started a month, Haibei prefecture county two attaches great importance to the relevant departments to fully support the Menyuan disaster recovery work to promote the orderly and effectively. At present, we should adhere to the principle of "government led, policy support, the masses of the people, priority arrangement" principle, to further deepen and refine the relevant measures, and do a good job in disaster recovery work.

Kuang Yong stressed that the post disaster recovery and heavy task, time is tight, to seize the golden period of construction of the building, pay close attention to the development of relevant implementation plan, clear division of tasks, and deadlines for implementation as soon as possible to lay a good foundation; to grasp the rural housing construction of the "number", to promote, to ensure safety of the affected people warm winter; to strictly implement the construction policy, that households and restoration construction standards, national construction standards and norms of post disaster recovery; to insist on safety first, ensure the quality, the use of the funds wisely, ensure the safety of the project, Zi Jinan and the safety of cadres, to ensure the good run, to ensure that by the end of this year basically completed the work of post disaster recovery.