Qinghai science and technology enterprise incubator Association

5 11, by the scientific and technological enterprise incubator, investment institutions, intermediary service organizations, such as the first batch of 34 member units of the Qinghai science and technology enterprise incubator association was formally established. "I hope to integrate the existing Qinghai Association of science and technology, finance, taxation, legal and other resources, the realization of" resource sharing, joint incubation mode in the incubation industry, "the incubator and seek common development, promote Qinghai incubator to enhance the overall." Provincial Science and technology department deputy director Zhang Xu said.

it is understood that, as of the end of 2015, the province has a variety of incubators nature of the service agencies 24, of which the national science and technology business incubator 4, the provincial science and technology business incubator, the national public space of the 4 creation of 8. The establishment of the association, is a positive response to the national "public entrepreneurship, innovation" call, thoroughly implement the provincial government "on deepening reform of institutional mechanisms to accelerate the implementation of opinions" spirit of innovation driven development, through the establishment of close cooperation between the Ministry of science and technology and foreign developed provinces, to establish a strong sense of service and team spirit of high-quality incubator manager for the team in Qinghai, set up universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises, intermediary, foreign capital in one of the diversified pattern of hatching.

President of the Qinghai provincial science and technology business incubator Association

president elect Duan Jun told reporters, as a non-profit social organization, the local industry association, according to the research, breeding, hatching, and accelerate the industrialization path, improve the scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading mode, build collaborative innovation platform supporting system, providing a wide range of the service project, find the maximum value of the social incubator association.