This year, the arrival of the tourist season in advance

this year, 51 before the advent of the Qinghai tourism market, compared to previous years, a lot of fun. In the direction of the 109 countries on the road leading to Qinghai Lake, visible from time to time a car tour bus shuttle back and forth in the wells of Xining city; Xiang specialty street, Beijing, Gansu and other places speaking accent tourists to choose local products of Qinghai in the best of spirits. With the accelerated development of the tourism industry in our province, the tourism market in our province is increasingly showing the trend of the arrival of the peak season.

4 month 27 days, the reporter interviewed Kang Hui, international travel, and travel agencies, travel agencies and other province. Poplar travel agency, the relevant responsible person introduced simultaneously: "this year ’51’ during the reception team, a predetermined amount are significantly higher than the Qingming holiday, also higher than last year ’51’."

industry believes that with the advent of the tourist season ahead of time, it can be predicted that the number of tourists coming to Qinghai this summer will surge. In the face of the new market reaction, the province’s major travel agencies have started preparatory. Qinghai travel agency. Populus deputy general manager Shen Yuping said, "51", to the Qinghai Lake, Kunlun Mountains of the Niaodao scenic spot tourists orders than in previous years, at present, their travel agency has received nearly 200 people booking situation is better than in previous years.

from the hotel reservation display rate, currently including Xining New Hualian Sofit Hotel, Yin Long Hotel, five star hotel 51 reservation rate was about 30% in the Xining Mansion, Hanting Econo Hotel reservation rate is also rising, Thursday to Saturday the booking rate will be higher. "Now online, telephone booking is very convenient, the guests are generally close to one or two days scheduled." Xining New Hualian Sofit Hotel Official said.

4 month 27 days, the reporter landing 12306 train ticket official website to see the part of the train to Xining in Urumqi in April 30th showed no seat tickets, May 1st Xining to part of the train ticket There is not much left. menyuan. There are indications that Qinghai tourism into the early season".

It is reported that

, in our province this year travel to eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment and other aspects of measures taken in advance to greet the season, increase the comprehensive supervision of the tourism market, constantly enhance the employees of tourism enterprises and tourism enterprises, the integrity of law-abiding consciousness awareness, service awareness, and further optimize the tourism market environment, efforts for the season ahead come make full preparation.