Xining City, 50 parity stores for the public to save a lot of money

November 27th, the reporter with the provincial development and Reform Commission price department staff in the inspection of the market price situation in the city learned that, at present, the city has built 50 stores in large supermarkets and residential communities parity. A wide variety, the price is relatively cheap and relatively cheap farmers market vegetables and meat products, so that people often go to bargain shops save a lot of money.

reporters in Mo Street farmers market in Kings agricultural price shops to understand, here there are more than 30 kinds of varieties of vegetables, fresh and clean, the average price per kilogram is lower than the average market price of 0.5 yuan to 1 yuan, or more than 1 yuan, in addition to the surrounding residents and far the public also rushed here "cheap". According to the plan, this year, except in supermarkets, consumer groups concentrated communities set up agricultural parity sales area, the establishment of direct sales of large and medium-sized parity areas in the wholesale market of agricultural products, and to encourage and support individual run in various forms of agricultural and sideline products stores. Parity vegetable sales price is lower than the average price of the same local market more than 15% of the grain, oil and other necessities of life, such as the price is lower than the average price of similar local market price of 5%.

Municipal Development and Reform Commission official told reporters that the discount stores distribution of agricultural and sideline products sales prices usually lower than the average market price when the market price fluctuation according to the requirements of government price control task. At present, the city built the 50 discount stores, although not from the overall market prices play a regulatory role, but through government support, the implementation of preferential policies after the discount stores, the below market prices and fresh agricultural products, especially for many low income real benefit.