Driver’s license theory subjects can apply for a written examination

"I am the farmer of Huangzhong County, now the farmer is taking an examination of driver’s license, can the theory is carried out on the computer, we won’t use computer, can you set up a written test?" December 16th, Mr. Song Huangzhong County newspaper call 96369 hotline, reflecting his problem.

is Mr. Song Guan Xiang Shan Zhuang Tumen Huangzhong County village, 40 years old this year. With the rise of the village car boom, many villagers are ready to test a driver’s license, the license may participate in the theoretical examination of the computer have been stumped. Mr. Song is no exception, the theory of a few days before the examination, let him worry at the computer. The answer will be, because it will not use the computer did not pass." Mr. Song some frustration, he believes that the majority of rural areas, the villagers are not high degree of education, there is no computer at home, it is difficult to answer questions on the computer.

it is understood that since January 1, 2013, the Ministry of public security revised the motor vehicle driver’s license to apply for and use of the provisions of the formal implementation of the province’s driver’s license theory test are carried out on the computer. With the confusion of Mr. Song, the reporter consulted the Provincial Traffic Police Corps vehicle management detachment responsible person.

Yan captains reply, for the special case of our province, traffic police corps has asked the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security to part of the population in the six prefectures in our province can apply the theory written, will be drawn from computer exam questions, and on-site video recordings. Theory written examination need to develop related software, at present, is checking the number of written examination, after the completion of the follow-up work can be implemented, is expected to be achieved next year.

Since the

theory written only for the six autonomous regions, three counties of Xining city and is not in this range, strict captains that computer examination compared with previous written more simple, rural population only can be realized by simple training. After learning this situation, Mr. Song said he could only go to the Internet cafes to learn. (author: Peng Na)