Give 10 Fen visitors again and again

10 fen for millions of people now is not money, even on the road, I’m afraid no one will pick up. However, if the business field, especially some retail business, if the owner is holding this mentality overcharged customers 10 Fen, I am afraid that the store’s business will have a very big bad influence. Therefore, when doing business, if you can give 10 Fen, maybe there will be a very big help for your business.

a strange customer came to my shop, hurriedly said to me: boss, please give me six egg. She kept his mouth with just the store on the side, the old woman to do business is really a rigid dogma, even 10 Fen or less. Eggs have no profit at all, and you just buy six eggs, people earn less than 10 Fen profit, and now you are less people, of course, will not let the. I think so, but I can’t say it. Six eggs, three yuan, seven cents, five cents, I said to the customer, you give it to the three piece of 70 fen.

customer said, no problem. Give me a pack of cigarettes and two bottles of bar pride. Two bottles of beer, six yuan plus a packet of money Qiyuan proud of the smoke and three block 70 Fen egg, a total of sixteen yuan seven angle, so I told the customer, you get sixteen dollars and a half. The customer is pleased to pay: the boss really is a generous man. The old woman in the shop next door just wanted me to go to her house to buy something for a mere 10 fen.

didn’t have much time, before the customer to buy eggs again: "boss, give me a generation of salt." I did not immediately take salt to the customer but comments from customers: "can buy two bags of salt, salt two generation of block three, two bags of salt should be four to six, but I only charge you four dollars and a half, in order to find you so much 10 fen. If you buy four generations of salt I only charge $nine." Customers see me say so, was prepared to buy a generation of salt, and now it is necessary to the four generation of salt.

"next to the store for a generation of salt sold me two pieces of five, according to such a calculation, I bought the four generation of Yanbu saves a piece of money. Hee hee, the boss, you really can do business, rest assured that the next time you shop to the consumer." Looking at the customer to leave the back, I think, 10 Fen may fall on the road, more people will not pick up. But for business people, there is no profit business will not do. But for our retail stores, the occasional 10 Fen profit may be able to earn an old customer.

a few cents thing, I am afraid that the customer usually in life will not care about this, but if the owner is also such a business attitude, I am afraid that any customer will not be satisfied. So, when we do business, appropriate to give up a little, may be of great help to the development of business oh.