Xining greatly improve the standard of education for preschool children with family difficulties

Xinhua news agency, Xining, March 10 Xinhua (reporter / Ma Yong) in the spring semester, Qinghai city in Xining Province, the full implementation of a year of pre-school education funded inclusive policy, family difficulties of preschool children education funding standards greatly improved.

from the Xining City Bureau of education information display, the spring semester, Xining city to improve the family economic difficulties of preschool children preschool education care subsidy standards, and expand the scope of relief funding. With Xining Hukou and over the age of 3 in the garden of the urban and rural preschool family children, children of martyrs, welfare, child custody of orphans, the fact that no one raising children, respectively, from the original model, a class of kindergarten 960 yuan per student per year, two kindergarten 840 yuan per student per year, three kindergarten 720 yuan per student per year three, the kindergarten 600 yuan per student per year, cancel the unified promotion to the category of 1300 yuan per year per student funding, the highest increase of about 117%.

according to the "Xining Municipal People’s Government on the implementation of the implementation of opinions" a year of education and secondary occupation education funding policy of preschool, the spring semester, the establishment of Xining city for examination and approval of the administrative department at or above the county level education (kindergarten and preschool) pre-school in the Garden (school) children, according to the town every year not less than 800 yuan in rural areas, every year not less than 1200 yuan standard, funded by the government of conservation education fee. At present, Xining has more than 2.6 years of pre-school children can enjoy such funding.