Tailored for a tax — the construction of Huangyuan talents

years of Huangyuan Tax Bureau adhere to the "tailored for students" talents, through staff training, job rotation, build a platform for effective means,

to improve the overall quality of cadres, to ensure that the age, knowledge, reasonable allocation of jobs.

all staff training — lay a solid foundation


seventeen, the New Year festive strength hasn’t cleared, the Bureau has begun ten days of spring. This training enhances the interaction between departments, instructors are recommended in business departments and language ability of the cadres, training content is extended from single business knowledge to different positions of the different sectors of the work flow.

Cai Dan, director of

‘s audit bureau, said: "I’ve been doing a lot of work, and I don’t know much about other departments. This training is very novel, let me know a lot of things." And Cai Dan himself was named excellent teaching staff, the County Bureau of teachers to focus on training objects.

over the years, Huangyuan tax unremittingly carry out education and training, in addition to the important instructions in the collective learning time every Friday unshakable transfer superior and learn new knowledge of the business, every year there are targeted at the tax service, tax administration and other types of training, and lay a solid foundation of the quality of cadres.

job rotation — cultivating all-round talents

in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the tax office full-time to the window, in January 5th this year, the Bureau of the tax office launched the first full rotation, monthly round. The tax office cadres older, a start, you can’t adapt to new jobs, work error rate was high, the county secretary bring everyone together: "don’t be afraid of mistakes now, I bear the responsibility. Today, the wrong one, corrected, tomorrow is less, until the full time window can really open, we will not make mistakes, we must have confidence." What inspired the morale of the tax office cadres of mutual aid, other departments also strengthen business guidance. June 1st, full-time window formally implemented, the tax office cadres easily passed the peak test.

today, the rotation activity from the tax office extended to the County Bureau of all units, Huangyuan IRS believe there will be more comprehensive talent.

build a platform to promote the growth of talent

23 year old Li Xiaogang has just passed the probation, but in Xining, the national tax system known. The newspaper has regularly her article and table tennis, we evaluate her houshengkewei debate competition she sharp rebuttal makes the opponent down. And these are from the county bureau to give young cadres to show the stage.

young cadres should have the ability to adapt to a variety of positions. Daily work or cultural activities, or to the vitality of young people into the ranks of tax cadres." 54 youth day, county bureau leaders to encourage everyone.

encourages learning, participation and competition. To this end, the county bureau has also formed a relatively complete system of reward and punishment incentives, spiritual material reward double;