Weak, small, scattered some of the travel agency issues many competent authorities for rectification

in order to improve the internal management and operation of travel agencies, and promote the healthy development of the tourism industry, from July to October, the city of Xining has carried out a special inspection of the internal management and standardized operation of the travel agency for a period of three months. In the inspection of more than 110 travel agencies, some travel agency weak, small, scattered, the problem is more prominent.

November 9th, reporters from the quality supervision department of the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau learned that in recent years, Xining city continue to strengthen the standardized management of the tourism market and the travel agency based tourism enterprises to guide the management of the tourism market, and gradually entered a standardized track. The inspection, the tourism sector found that part of the city of Xining travel agency internal management system is not perfect, the tourism group the contents of the contract is not standardized, file management and guide management is not standardized, the statistical report is not timely, the travel agency innovation consciousness is not strong. To this end, the inspection team on the travel agency in the management and operation of the existing problems and related penalties to inform the problem of the travel agency for rectification, so that travel agencies to achieve standardized management, standardized management.