Xining chased 11 strokes clean city

—- pet "casual" phenomenon — attack the city "psoriasis"

– set up in the urban green land will be punished according to the law to combat the sale of waste oil behavior

this year, Xining city is a city "model" crucial years, Xining City Administration Bureau with the current focus, identified 11 special rectification. The 11 special rectification governance includes littering, throwing animal corpses, unauthorized occupation of pets, blind people do not clean up pet waste, and "drainage oil", "psoriasis" law against the city governance etc.. Special rectification from the beginning of March, the end of December.

city psoriasis has been a long-standing problem in urban management. In the special rectification, the inspectors at all levels of Xining city will adopt the approach combining guidance, management of city psoriasis". Urban management departments will be located in the densely populated communities, the streets of the corresponding information release column to facilitate the public to provide convenient information, and gradually regulate the behavior of information dissemination, which is". In the block, the joint multi sectoral, crack down on a variety of illegal advertising behavior. Will cooperate with the public security departments, the focus of the fight against sporadic distribution, engraved chapter, the sale of invoices and other alleged acts of small ads. When necessary, urban management staff will be the rush hour on a daily basis, in the main street of the crossroads stop squatting, distribute small ads to passing vehicle behavior.

manufacture and sale of the use of waste oil, the behavior of people hate. This year, the Xining urban management departments will through routine inspections, concentrated night etc., mainly catering unit raided Saline Lake lane and other key areas, will focus on the urban high, industrial parks, schools, surrounding villages and other illegal collection and disposal of food waste for. On the illegal collection, processing of waste edible oil, will be punished according to the law, will not be tolerated.

at the same time, will be investigated and dealt with the public space of unauthorized occupation of City Road, city square, green blind, set up their stalls, engage in business activities, to provide smooth travel environment for the public. In addition, the construction waste disposal, transport work. The construction, the construction unit construction waste to units and individuals without qualification for transportation and disposal of construction waste transport enterprises using unlicensed unlicensed vehicles, clone car convertible, etc. in the transport of construction waste will be severely punished. (author: Wu Yachun)