Xining City Safety Supervision Bureau to take five measures to strengthen the administration accordi

in the first half, the city administration in accordance with the municipal government "safety supervision work requirements, earnestly carry out safety supervision according to law, the city’s various types of production safety accidents all indexes in the control range.

one is to adhere to the implementation of the administration according to law "number one" project. the establishment of safe production responsibility system of administrative law enforcement work leading group, according to the law of administrative work in an important schedule, held once a month in the Secretary’s office meeting to study the administration according to law, the city’s production safety administration gradually embarked on a standardized track, to promote the safe production of the administrative law enforcement work smoothly.
two is to enhance learning, improve the level of law enforcement. in team building to highlight the "two equal": daily training and combat exercises both aiming at the problems existing in the law enforcement, law enforcement personnel to carry out training and combat training in various forms, 13 comrades made a law enforcement certificate.

three is to do a good job in the construction of administrative law enforcement system. research to establish a clear administrative rules and regulations, norms of behavior, effective supervision, strong protection of administrative law enforcement system. Clear the responsibilities of the administrative law enforcement positions, the implementation of responsibility management. The internal supervision and external supervision combine to establish and perfect the registration examination and approval system, a major case of collective decision-making system, system of administrative penalty hearing, the administrative law enforcement responsibility system, law enforcement accountability and administrative reconsideration system and a series of system.
four is to earnestly carry out the work of administrative law enforcement. pays special attention to the related administrative penalties, administrative license, administrative enforcement and other administrative law enforcement case investigation system work. The citizens, legal persons and other organizations of the relevant supervision and inspection records, evidence and law enforcement documents filing. Major administrative penalties for the record review.
five is to actively implement the administration of . The main responsibility, in accordance with law, procedures and time limit, fees based on the careful arrangement, and the public; the responsibilities of various departments, the main procedures announced on the wall; and will involve the administrative relative person rights and obligations of the information disclosed, widely accepted in the community and the masses supervision.