Xining South Ring Expressway across the board from the left through the whole line through the end o

October 31st, the province’s first two-way six lane highway – Xining South Ring Expressway across the left through. "We will focus on the overall design, system construction, the pursuit of excellence, quality and efficient policy construction, the construction time is limited, pay close attention to the residual subgrade pavement, bridge construction, to ensure that all through the end of December." Liu Yanjiang, deputy general manager of the General Contracting Department told reporters.

as "12th Five-Year" key construction projects, a total length of 59.765 kilometers, the investment budget of 10 billion 278 million yuan in Xining South Ring Expressway is established in Qinghai since the new China one-time largest investment, technical level and the highest technology content of highway construction project. Across the board with a two-way six lane Expressway standard, the design speed of 100 km; consists of 11 separate interchange, 6 tunnels, 52 bridges, a total length of 25 kilometers and accounted for 42% of the total length of the route.

according to the Qinghai Provincial Administration of highway construction project office director Ma Shengkui introduction, Xining south highway has entered the final stage. Its construction, in order to crack the city of Xining, things crowded, North and south is not good, the traffic dilemma, and then expand the city to mention the provision of a basic support. After completion of the project, and the existing Lanxi highway, a highway, Huang Ning expressway, expressway, West Nanjing Road and Xining West cross level transit highway connections, forming the main backbone of the road network in the urban area of Xining city as the core to the surrounding radiation. At the same time, the formation of Xining into a network into a ring of the city’s overall traffic pattern, and open up the second high-speed channel to Xining to safe, conducive to the development of the eastern part of the Xining city group.